Wednesday, 31 August 2011

i ruin everything

this is so relevant to my life. I actually have come to the conclusion i cant do anything right any more, i fuck every little detail of my life up completely. Whether it be boys (major one), friends and even family i always seem to say something wrong. This then gets blown way  out of proportion and decides to take over my life. It sucks so much. Why cant i get it right. Why am i so stupid. wah


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

so lonely

Right now I am going through the weirdest phase. I'm always the one to brag about being single and how amazing it feels but right now all i feel is plain empty. I want someone, i really do. I feel lonely and un-wanted and im sick of it. Bye single life, hi boyfriend hunting.

j. xo 


Words cannot even describe.
It is beautiful and makes me happy in an instant
It's crazy what a smile can do

e. xo

Sunday, 28 August 2011


we will both be twigs soon. 

j. xo 

The Big Bad Jealousy Bug

"Jealousy is all the fun you think they had"
And i could not have said it any better myself. The Jealousy Bug is something i suffer from on a day to day basis, but most common than not over the same handful of people. Im not jealous of their "hot faces, bangin' bodies and deece racks" its something that gets to me on a whole different level, something i'm very protective of. It really is the worst feeling, something i don't think i can ever erase, not over him at least.

But in the end, look who came out on top

e. xo

princess sooky


Not being wanted back is a shit feeling. I never really experienced it till a few weeks back and i can tell you now i don't ever want to be in the situation again. I had this "friends with benefits" thing going on with a boy. Everything was great and at this stage no feelings had developed at all. We took the cliché rules from "No strings attached" and made the agreement that a) we couldn't start liking one another and b) no jealousy, at the time I thought it would be very very easy. He was an attractive boy (obviously otherwise i wouldn't have initiated anything) but i never saw him any other way. This is all turned bad when my best friend at the time decided she would get with him at a party. This was the time when it hit me i had definitely and regrettably developed something towards him. In an upset rage i thought it would be a great idea to tell him everything and somewhere in my clueless brain i thought it might, just might, end like a perfect Hollywood movie with him admitting his feelings towards me and everything ending great. Of course i was hit with reality when he re stated he wasn't looking for a girlfriend and that in as nice a way possible didn't like me. The weeks after this i became a horrible mess and ended most of my night outs in tears. I only want what i can't have. Stupid really. It is all fine now though, don't even really think about him. I mean why should you waste all your time over someone not worth it when there a zillion other guys out there. I can happily and confidently say, I have moved on :)

j. xo

Saturday, 27 August 2011

start of something new

Yesterday sparked the beginning of something that will hopefully continue for a long time. As Juge and i are both ridiculously emotional, dramatic and hopeful this will work as a little getaway from reality as we see it.

e. xo