Friday, 23 September 2011



I have just gotten back from straddie. Probably one of the most memorable yet messiest weeks of my life.  I stayed with three girls that i love so much and had the best fun. Laying on the beach all day was amazing, the water was crystal clear and the sun was out evvvery day. wah so good. Then going out every night was even better! Met some beautiful new friends and formed even stronger bonds with the ones i have. Em is still there atm. was a little overrated but was a good experience i guess. definately keen for next year...

j. xo

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

its life


 Finally realised that being depressed and upset and dwelling on my past is only going to make things a whole lot worse. Life is not the greatest but as em taught me you got to focus on the happy things going on and make the rest a blur. I have to forget about all the whores and pity them cause they will get nowhere in their life. Slutting around isnt going to make you friends, not for the long run anyways. I have to wipe out all the dickheads and start talking to nice boys that actually care and i have to just smile once and a while and notice how much i take my life for granted. I have it pretty god damn good compared to many people in the world, it is almost embarrassing complaining about the little things i do.

j. xo

Thursday, 1 September 2011

rich and famous

Lately my mind has been overloaded with school work, plans for the future, uni options etc. I cannot explain enough how freaked out i am getting, I've only just realised how hard you have to work in order to succeed. Everyone around me seems to have their life plans sorted and it's scaring me. School will be over in the blink of an eye, schoolies will come and go (hopefully smoothly), and then its time for the new year, moving out to the big bad world on my own.
I'm honestly so scared

e. xo

a happy post

I'm in a beautiful mood right now, and this blog is quite depressing at the moment, so i thought i'd put a bit of happiness into it.
Enjoy the little things
e. xo

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

i ruin everything

this is so relevant to my life. I actually have come to the conclusion i cant do anything right any more, i fuck every little detail of my life up completely. Whether it be boys (major one), friends and even family i always seem to say something wrong. This then gets blown way  out of proportion and decides to take over my life. It sucks so much. Why cant i get it right. Why am i so stupid. wah


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

so lonely

Right now I am going through the weirdest phase. I'm always the one to brag about being single and how amazing it feels but right now all i feel is plain empty. I want someone, i really do. I feel lonely and un-wanted and im sick of it. Bye single life, hi boyfriend hunting.

j. xo 


Words cannot even describe.
It is beautiful and makes me happy in an instant
It's crazy what a smile can do

e. xo